2018 AGM Special Resolutions

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The KDCFS 2018 AGM will be held on Tuesday, Apr 10that JV Humphries School at 7:00 pm.

If you are interested in the forest around Kaslo, then you should plan to attend. If you would like to have even more say in the management of the forest, then you should consider running for a Director position with the KDCFS. Nomination papers have to be submitted by March 26th.

The agenda for the meeting is :
Call to Order
Polls Open to Elect Directors (if an election is required)
Adoption of 2017 AGM Minutes (can be previewed on www.kaslocommunityforest.org)
Directors’ Report & Questions
Financial Report & Questions
Consideration of Resolutions (see attached documents for details)
Discussion: Multi-year Membership fees
Balloting Committee Report

Election of directors will be by secret ballot. There are four vacancies to be filled on the nine-member board.
Nomination forms are available on the KDCFS website, or at our office at Mel B. Digital. If there are four or fewer candidates for the four vacancies, those who have been nominated will become directors by acclamation.
To vote at the meeting, you must have been a member for at least 30 days. If you are a new member (or someone who did not pay their $5 membership fee for 2017) then you must have purchased your 2018 membership by March 11, 2018. Anyone who was eligible to vote at the 2017 AGM can buy a 2018 membership at the door and vote.
There are three sets of resolutions to be considered by the meeting:
1) The KDCFS Board of Directors has submitted a revised set of bylaws.
2) Member Jeff Mattes has submitted two bylaw changes regarding the size and makeup
of the board of directors.
3) Member Andy Shadrack has submitted a bylaw addition regarding financial matters.
All these resolutions change the bylaws, and therefore all require a two-thirds majority to pass. Please find attached the full wording of all three sets of resolutions.
– Stephen Fawcett, Secretary

2018 AGM Member resolutions

Final Proposed Bylaw changes March7


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